Vue.js + Firebase Authentication

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Vue.js + Firebase Authentication free download

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This course will teach you how to use Firebase Authentication in your Vue.js and JavaScript apps.

Firebase Authentication is a fantastic (free) product from the Firebase Suite which offers the possibility to authenticate a user through different providers (Twitter, Github, Facebook, etc.), beyond email and password, without writing any server-side code.

Firebase Authentication is a great fit for applications built with JavaScript or Vue.js because of what mentioned above, and it can easily be integrated into any backend or database.

The Vue.js + Firebase Authentication course covers:

  • How to set up and connect to Firebase Authentication
  • How to sign users up, in and out
  • How to catch Firebase auth errors
  • How to authenticate a user via 3rd party providers
  • How to update a Firebase user’s profile, email, and password
  • How to link multiple authentication providers to one user account
  • How we can store additional user data in our backend
  • How to protect routes in a Single Page Application, using Vue Router, Vuex, and Firebase Authentication

If you want to learn how you can put your new Firebase skills to use in a real-world application, you can check out The Vue.js Master Class

What you will learn

  • Set up & connect To Firebase Authentication
  • Sign users up, in and out
  • How to catch Firebase auth errors
  • Authenticate with 3rd party providers
  • Link multiple providers to a user
  • Protect routes in a Single Page Application

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