[Udemy] Building Database Web App PHP | OOP | PDO | AJAX | MySQL Free Download

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Building Database Web App PHP OOP PDO AJAX MySQL free download

A complete solution to learning and building a fully functional Web Application Using PHP, OOP, PDO, Bootstrap and AJAX

I don’t have to write here too many. Doing everything that you enjoy does not make you a coach, nor does it make you a instructor to show people what you are doing. Instruction is an practice, it is instruction. There are several lessons, but a a few are going to show you. I’m a scientist. I’m a scientist. I’d like to tell you things yourself to learn and do. This path hits the end of the day. I suggest this tutorial, if you want to know the usage of PHP, AJAX, OOP and PDO to create a web server (database). You’ll know how to use and understand:

PHP to build web applications  

OOP to create methods (functions) to save you lots of code typing (Don’t Repeat Yourself – DRY).

AJAX to post data and display data from a database without refreshing your page or browser.

PHP Data Object (PDO) to establish very secured connections to database servers and avoid SQL Injections. 

We shall be creating a real application to get you the practical knowledge on your finger tips.

It’s for anyone from beginners to IT pros who want to start diving into the actual world of web development with PHP and miss way too many complicated descriptions.

Don’t make the errors I do, you can’t understand anything in PHP. Not even the PHP developers know it all because it’s a sharing culture. All you need to learn is the main principles you should create your own applications with trust. And as soon as you achieve this degree of trust you can improve and develop skills all the time, and that is what we do in this course.

Since I was 17 years old, I’ve been studying. My previous background with teaching was in college. I have a computer training approach, I clarify the principles, show you how and where to use them. I’ll advise you not to do them.

Who this course is for:

Individuals looking forward to Understanding Web Programming

PHP Learners

Individuals looking forward to Building Professional Web Apps

Absolute Beginners looking forward to learning PHP

Individuals looking for jobs as Web Developers

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I am Kim Lee, I want to help students and professionals who can not buy paid course. I hope to receive the donation from readers. Once again sincerely thank you. I would recommend buying the original course once you can afford to buy and help the course creator.

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