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Messanger bot university

Paul Baron – Chat Marketing University 2.0 Free Download Free Tutorial Download

What will i learn?

  • Learn to use Messanger bot to drive crazy traffic to your business


  • Computer and Internet access


What the Heck is in MBU1.0, and What Will be in CMU/MBU2.0?

So, here’s the thing. I’m not a hard sales-pitch dude. I hate that. I really hate sleazy sales tactics that artificially bump up the price of a course then offer a 90% discount “if you buy today only.”

Instead I focus on value. CMU is the best. That’s all there is to it. The original version of the course was called MBU and it was the first course on the market teaching Amazon Sellers how to leverage Messenger chatbots to build raving audiences, launch and rank products, and harvest reviews from past purchasers. Since then more courses have popped up but MBU was revolutionary when it released, and CMU is now. What sets it apart in a side-by-side comparison to other courses out there is this: I am a seller first and an educator second. Everything I teach I’ve learned by implementing in my own 7 figure Amazon business first.

So, invest in CMU if you want the best information from actual sellers. Or not. You do you. If you have questions, hit me up, I’m here to help you succeed.

CMU includes 3 Tool Kits: Basic, Moderate, and Complex to give you a jump start on optimizing ManyChat’s functions. There are also 5 Modules that walk you through the strategies I have tested, improved, and tested again not just in my own business but in many others. The best part, I don’t just teach you the strategies but I give you the mindset and psychology behind them so, combined with the Tool Kits, you will have everything you need to successfully use my methods. Better yet, I hope to hear back from you on how you used the foundations taught in this course to build something even better! You will benefit from my years of experience, save yourself from making my mistakes, and see a quick and lasting return on your investment.

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I am Kim Lee, I want to help students and professionals who can not buy paid course. I hope to receive the donation from readers. Once again sincerely thank you. I would recommend buying the original course once you can afford to buy and help the course creator.

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