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Microsoft Project Beginners 2019

LearnThe MS Project Workspace, the Ribbon, help, and Project optionsTo navigate project calendars, timelines and critical pathsHow to set-up tasks and dependencies between them, including lag and lead timesManaging project costs, leveling, and how to resolve resource over-allocationProject security and saving and protecting Project filesUseful techniques for tracing task paths to simplify unruly Gantt chartsSetting up baselines and interim plansHow to work with costs and deadlines and overcome scheduling issuesTo save your project as a template for future projects
AboutThis course starts right at the very beginning. It doesn’t assume you know anything about Microsoft Project, so beginners will feel right at home. The first video lesson introduces you to the software. You’ll learn how to get your own copy of Project 2019 and see what’s new in version 2019.The second chapter covers the basics you need to begin using Project 2019. It looks at creating a Workspace and using toolbars, ribbons, and the Status Bar. As you move on, you’ll learn how to use task basics and project options. We then dive into the various aspects of managing a project including setting up your timeline and Gantt chart.As things get more advanced, we start to look at tracking costs, tracking the project, budgeting, and reporting. Each topic is explained with its own professional video that shows you in detail how to properly use the function. After the completion of the course, you’ll have a comprehensive grounding in MS Project 2019All the code files are placed at
FeaturesDiscover how to work with costs, deadlines, and overcome scheduling issuesLearn about resource allocation and levelingLearn how to measure a project against a baseline projectLearn to use safeguards and restrictionsMaster interim plans and baselinesLearn how to save your project as a template for future projects
Course Length8 hours 38 minutes

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