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Object-Oriented Bootcamp laracasts free download

As wonderful as Laravel is, it does assume that you have a basic understanding of object-oriented programming. If you don’t, that’s okay, we all were there at one point

however, you need to buckle down and learn this stuff before continuing on to the various lessons on this site. Let me help!

Naturally, the first step in our journey is to review the structure of a PHP class. As you’ll find, they allow us to represent pieces of our domain in a readable and flexible fashion.

When I was first learning, I had a lot of trouble understanding the need for getters and setters. Hopefully, I can make it easier for you, than it was for me!

Encapsulation is a confusing, scary term, that simply refers to the act of hiding information. Let me show you.

Luckily, inheritance is a fairly easy concept to understand. I’ll show you a few different examples to illustrate this common pattern.

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