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Hands On Community Contributions Laracast download

In this mini-series, we’ll, from scratch, allow users to register, submit community articles and tutorials, and then vote on their favorites.

Exactly like what we have here at Laracasts! While there are a number of moving parts, it should all make perfect sense, once we’re done.

To begin, we’ll need to setup our initial database structure. This way, we can store community links, and associate them with any number of channels/categories. While we’re here, we’ll also set up a quick registration system. Luckily, because we have Laravel, that only takes a moment.

Let’s figure out how to render a list of community links on the page. This will require us to prepare some dummy data using database factories.

Our next step is to add a form to the page, which allows a logged-in user to contribute any link to the list.

Up until now, we’ve used placeholders for anything related to the assigned channel for each community link. Let’s fix that in this lesson. We’ll need to populate the channels table, display them within a

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