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Igor Kheifets – Elite Affiliate Pro   Free Tutorial Download

This is the ‘fastest path to achieve in selling firms,’ so is it another overstated route or does it deliver, Igor Kheifets? At $997, down from $8,000? We’re going to find out about the entire course, rewards, and secret goodies in my Elite Partner Pro analysis.

The course is a popular deal, which he promotes on his Youtube channel and on other social networking sites including Facebook and Instaprogram, after seeing his free class.
Initially I learned this course a number of months earlier when it was first advertised but never checked due to other obligations. It’s a nice idea to demonstrate that the countdown counter on the checkout page won’t end early.
Who is Igor Kheifets?
Igor was initially a Warrior Forum user where he was planning to market his specific advertising to users. Solo ad ads are email advertisement promotions for people who don’t learn. They advertise your connection with broader lists and give clicks to your channel for $0.30-0.1 per click in return for a commission.
Solo Ads is a lucrative business, particularly for the list owner, maybe not so much for the ad buyer, but it is simple to get money.
There are a variety of bad feedback about Igor’s email marketing strategies, i.e. you are re-used on a fresh list after you unsubscribe.
It seems that Igor is on a latest course, supported through free training videos posted to Youtube, and is on a bandwagon. Many videos receive just a couple thousand views, with some viral appearances and 5 figures.
In 24 hours he appears to be his success and now Igor seems to be running a $21,779.45 race for $997 to show you how he managed it, it seems correct to me. It is just in 481 clication days.

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