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Hi. I’m Matt Diggity.

10 years ago, I was an electrical engineer working 60-hour weeks in a cubicle.

I eventually had a complete nervous breakdown.
Around the same time, a friend had introduced me to the concept of ranking websites and making affiliate commissions, and I fell in love.

Call it necessity or call it desperation, I decided to learn how to make passive income through affiliate SEO.

At first, I had thought you could only make a few hundred dollars per month, but when I found out that 4, 5 and 6-figure websites were attainable, I was hooked.

The road wasn’t easy

I can’t even count how many thousands of dollars I wasted trying out various SEO techniques that didn’t work.

Nor do I even want to consider how many hours, days, and months were wasted.
And I was penalized too.

At one point, all my sites were penalized and the 5-figure per month income that I had worked so hard to build vanished in a day.

I was devastated.

At that point, I decided to take matters into my own hands

When I lost everything, I had to choose between quitting SEO and going back to my cubicle life or trying again.

I decided to try again, but I was going to do it my way.  Like an engineer.

From that point forward, I would test every ranking tactic myself before I applied them to my websites.

I created hundreds of test sites, where I’d apply various SEO strategies and let Google tell me what it wanted to see.

Makes sense, right?

I was now getting consistent and fast results and I wasn’t getting penalized.

SEO got a lot easier

I expanded on the testing and even started inventing new techniques that were never around before.

I’m now competing in the highest value affiliate niches that exist today.

Ever heard of garcinia cambogia?  That was me on page #1.

Once I had the test results that were showing me exactly what I needed to rank, SEO became super easy.

And then I found flipping

Eventually I learned that you could actually sell affiliate websites for up to 30x their monthly profit.
So, a site making $10,000 per month could actually sell for $300,000.

That’s when my income took a big turn in the positive direction.

By selling sites, I could fast forward 3 years into the future and collect all the money up-front.
Then I could use a fraction of that money to create more websites.

Do you see how quickly that can add up? Here’s a bank deposit screenshot of two recent flips.

I’m not showing you this just to show off.  Trust me I’m still amazed that this is a possibility in this day and age.

  • Pe​rfect niche selection using the Niche Grading Tool
  • The Recursive Keyword Research Process
  • Constructing your site’s architecture for maximum optimization
  • How to get good content that will rank and convert
  • Building a website from scratch
  • Onsite optimization (both single page and multi-page)
  • How to create an online persona to build trust
  • Creating a social fortress
  • A complete guide to anchor text mastery
  • Local citations for affiliate websites
  • Backlinking: How to use white hat links or grey hat links (or both!) to get from Day 1 to Page 1
  • Who is the affiliate Lab for?
    • Beginner SEOs ready to take a shortcut into advanced SEO practices
    • Advanced SEOs who want to polish up their SEO game and take it to the next level with tactical linking, debugging, and monetization strategies.  If you read my blog, you’re familiar with me releasing new strategies never seen before.  The Affiliate Lab contains the strategies that are too valuable to release publicly.
    • SEOs that gave up. If you tried other methods and didn’t succeed, its because you had the wrong information.  There’s no theory or guesswork in The Affiliate Lab, its all based on actual tests.
    • Client SEOs looking to diversify into passive income through affiliate
    • Lone wolf SEOs that would like to join an advanced SEO community
    • Complete Newbies who have never built a website.  We start from scratch.


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