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Product launch by Eben Pagan free download

THE “MILLION DOLLAR” INFORMATION PRODUCT PLAN A Complete Step By Step Blueprint For Creating A Profitable Information Product From Scratch

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Would you want to take your present experience to be expensive intelligence items that people buy? Here’s how stage by stage you do it …If you choose to build a good information system from scratch (take your current experience and turn it into high-priced training packages which customers would definitely buy), then you are right.

 Hey I’m Eben Pagan and I’m the founder and producer of over 10 news and publishing businesses I’ve founded online for over $1 million. Four of them of more than ten million dollars.

 I have jointly marketed electronic intelligence goods and resources for nearly $100 million, and to this day, my companies are still thriving.

 Above all, I’ve taught tens of thousands of people all over the world how to create effective knowledge products and companies which provide them with the freedom and versatility they need.

 And today, I want to help you do the same with the same method that I used (and still use today) to build all of my programs successful million dollar information products to date…

 It’s a systematic step by step program to create viable knowledge products from scratch, which I label my “Business Strategy.”

 Clear words: every piece of knowledge collected or distributed – whether in paper, audio, video or other digital forms – is an information commodity.

Knowledge items can even be used in programs such as single counseling, professional instruction and also lectures.

Or if you want a commodity like a book or video system to build a “tangible version” Or you’ve got a professional coaching program …

You will be provided an detailed strategy to design, build, bundle and place your knowledge so that customers can purchase it and purchase it at high prices

It will offer you a method to build the RIGHT path that really means that you would choose to purchase (unlike wasting months just to buy a book) When you develop the original product from scratch this will offer you a framework to build the …

You must learn how to optimize the company in order to increase revenues and incomes because you already have an established knowledge package …

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