Explainer Video Fortune Vol.2 Download

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Explainer Videos Volume 2.0 download


Explainer Video Fortune Vol.2 Download

Answering Questions is a Fantastic Way to Generate High-Quality Traffic!

Customers around are asking questions like:

– How to choose the right dentist?
– How to choose a good roofing contractor?
– How to choose the right massage therapist?
– How to choose a good DUI attorney?

Answering these questions does not only help business WIN CUSTOMERS but also BUILD TRUST, CREDIBILITY, and LOYALTY!

Again, that’s NO secret…

Most Big Brands Are Using Explainer Videos in Marketing


Most Local Businesses Are NOT!


Because creating these types of videos can be HARD.

A good ‘Question-Based Explainer Video’ has to:

– GRAB THE ATTENTION: You only a few seconds to grab the attention of the viewers with a strong message that identifies their problem.

– BE INFORMATIVE: The video should provide accurate information that is easy to understand.

– BE MEMORABLE: The video is meaningless if people can’t remember it. So it’s important to make the video content memorable AND entertaining.

– PROVIDE A STRONG AND PERSUASIVE CALL-TO-ACTION: People need to be told what to do. So after solving their concerns, it’s critical to have a CLEAR Call-to-Action.

Following these requirements, you will need good video scripts, loads of good-looking artworks and special tricks and techniques to make it all come together.

The total costs to produce a single high-converting whiteboard video may be as high as $2,000 per minute, as well as hours and hours of hard work.

It’s a huge investment so this kind of video usually goes way beyond most of local business’s marketing budget.

What If You (Yes, YOU) Can Provide Professional Explainer Videos at a Reasonable Price that Every Local Business Can Afford?

It’s a HUGE opportunity, I can say. And I am here to make it possible for you!

I’ve spent the last few months:

  • Picking 10 types of local business that need new leads, love video and are easy to work with.
  • Hiring a professional copywriter to write 10 solid and engaging video scripts that lead viewer through the story and make them take action.
  • Drawing up a set of high-quality artworks that follow the scripts.
  • Getting a set of professional and engaging voiceover
  • Putting all of them together using my special animation technique to create 10 AMAZING Explainer Whiteboard Videos.
  • And TODAY, I’m giving YOU the right to sell these videos to your local clients!


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