Dr.Joe Dispenza – Blessing of the Energy Centers II with Symbols Free Download

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Dr. Joe's Progressive Workshop,

Dr.Joe Dispenza – Blessing of the Energy Centers II with Symbols Download Free Tutorial Download

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  • The purpose and explanation of this meditation may be found in Dr. Joe’s Progressive Workshop, or his new book, Becoming Supernatural.


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Recommended only for those who have practiced the first Blessing of the Energy Centers Meditation and are now ready to progress their abilities.  Please do not engage these meditations out of sequential order.

The purpose and explanation of this meditation may be found in Dr. Joe’s Progressive Workshop, or his new book, Becoming Supernatural.  Therefore, this meditation is recommended for those that have this knowledge, understand the mechanics behind it, and how it may help you.  Also, Chapters 1, 4 & 6 in Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself would be an additional beneficial review before playing this meditation.

Everything in our known universe is made up of or emits, light and information, or energy and consciousness.  That means your body is not only made up of these energies, but it is consistently and continuously sending and receiving light and information or energy and consciousness.

The energy centers in your body are centers of information.  Each center has a plexus of neurons that correlates to a particular gland in your body.  Whenever these plexuses of neurons become incoherent, it is because the brain has become incoherent.  When this happens, the plexuses of neurons begin to change the hormonal expression and nerve conductivity of the different corresponding organs, tissues, and cells throughout the body.

Advancing the teaching of the Blessing of the Energy Centers, Dr. Joe introduces the use of symbols that represent new information or new instructions.  Whether you want to create a new experience in your life or heal an organ in your body, he will guide you during this meditation to create new and exciting and transformations!


1.  Explanation (29 min.)

2.  Meditation (46 min.) 

Run Time: 76 Minutes

Music by Steven Halpern, stevenhalpern.com Album: OM ZONE: Om Grooves | Music by Barry Goldstein, BarryGoldsteinMusic.com  | Album: Ignite the Heart  Song: Ascend

Also Available in CD Format.


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