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People Skills For Kids
The job that your kids end up with, the person your kids end up marrying, the friends they make… it all starts with their ability to communicate and connect with people confidently and effectively – and that’s what this book’s about!

The Relationship Guide For Kids
This book walks your kids through how to maintain healthy relationships throughout their life… everything from siblings, teachers, coaches, and even you as a parent – I think you’ll like this one.

How To Make Money As A Kid
This book teaches your kids how to make, save and invest their money the right way. And gives them the right money beliefs and shows them the importance of giving back and making a difference in other peoples lives.

How To Have Success & Still Keep Your Childhood
As a parent you want your kids to be successful… but you also want them to have fun in the process and still keep their childhood. And this books shows your kids how to live life with a mission and not be lazy WITHOUT looking back with regret and resentment towards you.

How To Be A Positive Kid
This book is going to help your kids develop a positive outlook on life – so you don’t have to hear them constantly complaining and whining. Learning to be positive teaches kids how to shift their current perspective and mindstate into something that is beneficial for them. Kids learn resiliency and why gratitude is so important.

How To Have Unstoppable Confidence
Growing up I was the shyest kid in the world and I had low self-esteem. And in this book, I’m going to teach your kid the ONE THING that took me from being unbelievably shy (to the point where I couldn’t talk to a waiter or waitress) to now having the unstoppable confidence that allows me to speak on stage in front 5,000

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