Title Info Overlay

Video title/description overaly appears when you mouse over player or pause it, just like controlbar.

Player Nuevo Initialization Code Example

<!--Initialize player and plugin-->
	var player = videojs('player_1',{},function(){ 
		videoInfo: true,
		infoUrl: "https://www.nuevodevel.com/nuevo/showcase/videoinfo",
		infoIcon: "images/logo_small.png",
		infoTitle: "This is video title text"
		infoDescription: "This is video description example text"

Other possible options for video info are:
infoFont - Text font family for text. Must be system font or font loaded through css.
infoSize - Text font size (pixels) from range 15-24 (default is 18).
infoBold - set true to show tinfor text bolden.
infoBottom - Set true to show Info at bottom of the player before playback.

If infoTitle not defined, the player will examine title Nuevo plugin option. If both not defined, video info will not show.
infoURL to go on info click is optional. If not defined, the link is not active.